Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy is a young-adult series set in Panem (a post-apocalyptic United States).  Katniss Everdeen, the unwilling teenage heroine of the story, must fight for her survival and eventually inspire the overthrow of the evil rulers of Panem.


The Seduction of Katniss
An unscheduled stop during the 74th Hunger Games Victor’s Tour puts Katniss Everdeen in danger. Alone and afraid she must face the consequences of being a Hunger Games victor. Her one ally may have an agenda of his own and as a result Katniss may never be the same girl again.

Katniss and Cato

Love in Danger series

1: Love in Dangerous Waters

2: Love in Dangerous Times

3: Love in Dangerous Circumstances

Should Katniss be wandering around the Hunger Games Training Centre late at night wearing only a short lacy nightie? And taking a midnight swim with only Cato for company is surely asking for trouble. Is it to be war or will love conquer all? A series of 6 or 7 part stories.

Lust, Love and Danger
Cato is a dangerous and skilful warrior. He’s also arrogant and extremely self-centred. He’s a bad boy by any mother’s definition and he’s proud of it. So why is Katniss drawn to him as the start of the 74th Hunger Games approaches? Why does she place herself in danger just to be with him? Surely she can’t believe she can tame the beast in him?

Other Katniss and Cato stories

Amorous Encounters
Why is the normally shy and naive Katniss suddenly flaunting her body? And why is a trained killer like Cato wasting valuable time showing an interest? It should be impossible for two tributes from different districts to be alone together. So how come Katniss and Cato set out to prove it possible? A three part story recording the secret love affair between Katniss and Cato.

Jewels of Desire
The tributes are busy preparing for the 74th Hunger Games and their interviews with Caesar Flickerman. Effie’s offer to let Katniss borrow something from her jewellery collection has unexpected results. Particularly when Cato sees Katniss trying on a piece that no self respecting district girl would dream of wearing.

Passion and the Aftermath
Circumstances mean Katniss must form a temporary alliance with Cato during the 74th Hunger Games. She faces many dangers, not least of which is Cato’s reaction when most of Katniss’s clothes go astray. Meanwhile Foxface has a few surprises of her own. And when it is all over there are far reaching consequences.

Love Triangle
The war in the districts is almost won, but District Two is a tough nut to crack. Political intrigue, danger and an unexpected romantic entanglement, greet Katniss when she is sent to District Two. Everything is far from plain sailing when Katniss realises she has competition for the attentions of the new boy in her life. And that’s the least of her worries. A 7 part short story.

Foxface and Katniss

The Trouble with Boys

She’s smart. She’s sassy. She’s dead. Or so the Capitol believes. With help from her mentor Foxface miraculously survives the 74th Hunger Games. Now linked to Katniss Everdeen’s memories, Foxface seeks freedom from the Capitol’s power. Her journey takes her where a map would warn ‘here there be dragons’. A trilogy of novellas which can be read in sequence or as standalone stories.

The Girl in a Black Leather Dress
For Foxface the end of the 74th Hunger Games means a new career and new friends. While the Hunger Games victor must come to terms with winning, one of those who died refuses to stay dead. Both must learn the significance of the black leather dress. A series of seven short stories that can be read in sequence or as standalone stories.