Out of general interest, I have researched a number of historical events, people and cultures.  In some cases I have enough material to record my research in a paper or booklet.  Follow the links below to read more and access the paper or booklet.

The Menaggio Porlezza Railway. The large lakes lying in the foothills of the Alps north of Milan and near the border between Italy and Switzerland have been popular tourist destinations for over 100 years.  The development of this tourist traffic owes much to a small narrow gauge railway of which little trace now remains.  This article briefly describes that railway and its history.

A Short History of Britain’s Broad Gauge Railways. In 1835, in the early days of railway construction, the Great Western Railway was born. The original main line ran between London and Bristol, a distance of 117 miles (187 kms), which was opened throughout in June 1841. What made the Great Western Railway unusual was the choice of gauge. Instead of building the railway to what became the British standard gauge of 4ft 8½ins, the track was laid to a gauge of 7ft 0¼ins (“broad gauge”).